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We provide expert support to individuals with special needs and their families.

Home Care Assistance caregivers provide dependable, one-on-one care for people with special needs, no matter what age or condition. Offering flexible hourly and around-the-clock services, our Care Team matches your loved one with an experienced caregiver to fit your family’s unique needs.

We require that caregivers have at least two years of experience caring for individuals with chronic care needs or disabilities. Many of our caregivers have even more years of experience with specific conditions, as well as special certifications.

Support with activities of daily living.

Our caregivers provide one-on-one support for clients with special needs so they can live their lives with as few limitations as possible. Clients and their families enjoy greater independence when receiving personalized help.

Nutrition and meal preparation

Our caregivers plan for and prepare healthy and satisfying meals appropriate for our clients. Client Care Managers work with families to ensure that our caregivers shop for and prepare the right foods for clients' dietary requirements.

Companionship and recreation

Our approach to care is uniquely focused on improving day-to-day happiness and quality of life. Going to the park, community activities, classes or even just taking a walk together helps caregivers bond with their clients and help make their days engaged and fulfilling.

Medication Reminders and Assistance

Although they do not administer or organize medications, caregivers provide essential reminders and monitoring to make sure the right meds are taken at the right time.

Transportation and Errands

Caregiver can drive clients to conduct errands, attend appointments or participate in recreational or social events.

Light housekeeping

Caregivers perform light housekeeping including tidying up, dishes, laundry, changing bed linens, dusting and more.

Bathing and hygiene

Our caregivers ensure clients' personal care needs are met and support bathing, grooming and other hygiene needs so clients are comfortable, clean and healthy.

Paying for In-Home Care

Our focus is on creating close, trusted relationships with families and designing personalized care plans that evolve to meet the needs of our clients over time. Paying for customized, concierge care can be more affordable than you think!

Call us today to learn how we can work with your family’s budget and can accept and process long term care insurance to deliver a complete plan of care. All for as little as a couple thousand dollars a month.

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Specialized Care By Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance is a company that takes an innovative approach when it comes to caring for seniors. They provide care management and concierge-level services to all the clients that they serve, which is all made possible with their team of committed, compassionate, creative, and caring employees.

About Specialized Care From Home Care Assistance

The in-home care services on offer through Home Care Assistance offers one-on-one care services tailored to the client's needs. This covers different care levels, which includes specialized care which is needed by individuals that live with cancer, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and more.

At Home Specialized Care

Home Care Assistance provides the following specialized care services for clients in their homes:

1. Parkinson’s Care

Home Care Assistance has a partnership with the Parkinson’s Foundation that has provided a way for this agency to include up-to-date research and care methods in their tailor-made care plans dedicated to clients that live with this condition. This is a partnership that has given them access to the latest breakthroughs in treatments and medications, allowing their caregivers to provide the very best care possible to each client with this disease.

2. Stroke Care

Strokes often result in medical events that are highly challenging to deal with and to recover from. The patients that have experienced a stroke have to overcome emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges and the survivors of strokes often find the recovery process a challenge that is impossible to overcome on their own. In-home-care is often the best solution to maximize the chances of recovery from home and to help the client achieve long-term independence.

3. Cancer Care

During the recovery process or while the patient is undergoing treatment, Home Care Assistance can make life more bearable for patients that are fighting cancer. The skilled and highly-experienced caregivers are made available immediately to help support these types of clients along with their families.

4. Special Needs Care

The special needs care on offer from Home Care Assistance involves matching up to the requirements of patients that have a circumstance or a condition that is interfering or hindering them from performing daily activities. The care services involve helping these patients with daily tasks such as grooming, bathing, toileting, administering medication, and preparing meals. All these services are focused around maximizing the independence of the patient and their overall quality-of-life.

5. Dementia And Alzheimer’s Care

As the symptoms of these diseases start to progress, patients with these conditions will need increasing care, which will eventually result in 24/7 support and safety monitoring when it comes to household activities and the lifestyle of the patient. The caregivers at Home Care Assistance have the necessary training and experience to provide the very best in-home care for patients inflicted by these diseases.

Home Care Assistance can assist your loved one regardless of what type of condition they are facing. Call them today for a complimentary in-home assessment.

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